Adventure hiking on a family holiday

Hiking through the Harz Mountains with children

Hiking in the Harz Mountains is a wonderful and varied holiday experience for many families with children. Some hiking trails and guided tours are particularly suitable for children. We would like to introduce you to selected trails.

They consist of easy-to-master routes in the natural landscape of the Harz and have surprises and puzzles in store. Here you can playfully discover nature and the secrets of the Harz with your children, get to know typical Harz animals and learn a lot in the process.

Exciting hiking routes

for families at a glance

Treetop walk in Bad Harzburg

Route length: 2.2 km

The circular route of the treetop path you can experience the Harz Mountains from a completely new perspective. At a height of 20 metres, you can wander through the treetops of the Kalten Tal. The access to the high-altitude trail is located on the castle hill in Bad Harzburg and takes you above the trees past 18 platforms with 33 adventure elements.

Dandelion discovery trail in Drei-Annen-Hohne

Route length: 2.3 km

The exciting nature trail turns the forest into an adventure playground. The seven stations of the dandelion discovery trail begin near the Brocken railway station. Dandelion Discovery Trail. Follow the animal tracks, explore the barefoot feel trail and listen to the owl's call. The playful discovery tour includes exciting puzzles and a forest memory game.

Nature myth trail in Braunlage

Route length: 4 km

On this magical trail, you will find exciting information about the natural myths of the Harz region at ten stations. Experience the fairy tales of the Harz legends, listen to the stream nymphs and set off in search of the wishing tree and the path through the labyrinth.

Wildcat adventure trail in Bad Harzburg

Route length: 2.5 km

On the signposted trail with information about the shy forest dweller, follow the wildcat symbols in the nature park south of Bad Harzburg. Ten stations in the Riefenbachtal valley explain the habitat of the wildcat.

Altenau wilderness trail

Track length 800 m

Get to know the forest types of the national park on the circular hike of the Altenau Wilderness Trail get to know them. Learn how a commercial forest is gradually being transformed back into a natural forest in its original state. Along the way, you will come across information boards that tell you about the different forest areas. You will encounter narrow wooden steps and fallen trees that have to be climbed over.

World Heritage Trail - In search of traces in the Great Clausthal

Go on a discovery tour with your children in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, past mysterious ruins and important buildings from the mining era of long ago. The circular route leads along the Rosenhöfer Radstuben, through a sunken valley to the oldest iron winding tower - the Ottiliae shaft. Here you will gain many insights into the history of this unique landscape. From May to October, the "day railway" runs to the Ottiliae shaft site on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Indian adventure trail in Bad Grund

Route length 1.7 km

The adventure trail winds its way through the forest for 1.7 kilometres and brings you closer to nature and the world of the indigenous peoples.

Route descriptions for families