Health in the Oberharz

The Oberharz is not only known for its mining tradition and picturesque landscape, but is also the ideal destination for a health-promoting holiday. See for yourself the wellness and health offer in the Harz Mountains. Slow down and relax with us!

Treat your body and mind to something good in the healthy Harz air. Immerse yourself in the marvellous thermal water. Hike through spicy forests and stroll across colourful mountain meadows. Or cycle past the ponds and ditches of the Oberharz water management system.

Health-promoting offers in the Harz Mountains

Are you looking for rest and relaxation, sport and exercise or prevention and strengthening? Then enjoy quality-tested offers in the Oberharz that will strengthen your health and well-being. In the two award-winning health resorts of Torfhaus and Buntenbock, you can treat yourself and your health in the midst of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Oberharz Water Management" and Harz National Park do something good for yourself. In the climatic health resort of Altenau, you can not only enjoy the excellent air quality on twelve climatic health hiking trails, but are also in very good medical and therapeutic hands. Healing climate therapists are on hand to help you alleviate various ailments. Indications for a stay at a climatic health spa can include respiratory, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, childhood illnesses, etc. But Altenau is also the right place for you if you suffer from exhaustion syndrome or a weak immune system. Train your stamina with Nordic walking on one of the six fantastic routes totalling almost 60 kilometres. Or if you are already fit enough, get active on one of the 69 signposted mountain bike tours.