Ride an e-bike in the Harz Mountains

Explore the Oberharz by e-bike!

This means you can reach the many sights and the Harz nature by bike during your holiday in the Harz Mountains without having to exert yourself too much. Experience a completely new cycling or mountain biking experience with an e-bike in the Harz Mountains. An e-bike is a bicycle with an additional or built-in electric motor.

The e-bike is therefore suitable for everyone and offers a great and varied alternative to a normal bicycle or mountain bike.

Riding an e-bike is good for your health

Riding an e-bike is very healthy, as you don't exert yourself too much and are therefore in the optimum heart rate range when riding. This activates your cardiovascular system while at the same time training your muscles and protecting your joints. The e-bike is therefore an efficient yet gentle training method. And the good thing is that it's also a great option for those who don't like sport and untrained cyclists.

E-bike Oberharz
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Uphill, downhill with the e-bike

With the e-bike, you no longer have to worry about long distances or inclines. You decide how much you pedal yourself and how much assistance you want. And if you want to train really hard, you can switch off the motor completely. With the e-bike, you can also go on a bike tour through the Harz Mountains together as a couple or with several differently trained people, as no one is dependent on the others. Everyone simply sets the motor to their desired level and everyone can ride at the same speed and enjoy the bike tour through the Harz Mountains together.

These flexible options make the cycle tour through the Harz forests all the more fun. And if it does get too strenuous, there are also numerous places to stop for refreshments in the Upper Harz, benches to rest on or colourful flowering mountain meadows where you can have a picnic and recharge your batteries.


Guided tours

The Harzagentur offers e-bike tours for beginners and advanced riders.

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E-bike across the Oberharz mountains

Charge battery

If you want to charge your e-bike in between, you will find possible charging points here:


The following hire stations in the Harz Mountains offer e-bikes

OutdoorCentre Harz

Altenauer Straße 55 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld Tel.: 05323-982460

MTB Rental Harz

Auf der Rose 11 38707 Altenau Tel.: +45 3025 1542

Ski school Harz

Dr.-Willi-Bergmannstraße 10 37444 Sankt Andreasberg Tel.: 05520-260

Ski school Harz

Am Brunnen 3 38700 Braunlage Tel.: 05520-9998892

Sporthotel Schulenberg

Unter den Birken 6 38707 Schulenberg Tel. 05329-6990

Zweirad Busche

LSK Scheibenanlagen Hauptstr. 18 37431 Bad Lauterberg Tel.: 05524-3627