Healing climate hiking in Altenau

Strengthen your health on a climatic health hike in the Upper Harz Mountains

If you want to be active and do something good for your health at the same time, then healing climate hikes through the Harz landscape could be just the thing for you. In Altenau, there are classified healing climate hiking trails along the pond and ditch system of the "Upper Harz Water Management", which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can not only strengthen your stamina on these hikes in the healing climatic air. Your immune system can also benefit. During the steady movement of hiking, the healthy air is absorbed through conscious breathing. It can give your body and soul new strength.

Experience climatic healing hikes in the Harz Mountains

You start your climate hike through the Upper Harz nature at a moderate pace, which you increase a little after a while. During the hike, you check your heart rate by measuring your pulse. Under the guidance of the hiking guide, you will perform light exercises in the terrain, in particular to train your balance. You can also stimulate your thermoregulation by stepping on dew, snow or water or by wearing suitable clothing. Regular climate walks can increase your stamina and strengthen your immune system in the long term. Your body can gradually become more resistant and less susceptible to illness. However, not only your body, but also your soul can benefit from such healing climate hikes in the great outdoors in the Harz Mountains. Use these hikes to consciously relax and slow down.

Healing climate hiking trail Oberharz
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Guided healing climate hikes 2024

You can regularly take part in guided climatic hikes on Wednesdays from 10 a.m:

08.05 and 22.05.2024, 26.06.2024, 03.07.2024, 14.08. and 28.08. 2024, 11.09. and 25.09. 2024, 02.10. and 23.10.2024

Time: 10:00 - 12:00 am

Meeting point: Altenau Tourist Information Centre, Hüttenstr 9

Duration: After a short introduction to the topic of healing climate hiking, you start the approx. 2-hour hike through beautiful Harz nature.

Possible effects: Improvement of the internal bone structure, increase in the body's defences, activation of bone tissue factors, muscle building, balance training, increase in bone density (heliotherapy)

Requirements: Regular pulse measurements are used to ensure that the effort does not exceed light endurance training. In some cases, snow, dew or water treading is used to thermoregulate the body.

Requirements: Suitable footwear and weatherproof clothing.

Registration: required by the day before, tel. 05328-80 20

Costs: with / without HGK € 5 / € 6 (children free of charge)

Healing climate hiking Oberharz

No. 1 On both sides of the Oker

No. 2 Brocken view

No. 3 Dammgraben

No. 4 Morgenbordtstaler Graben

No. 5 Sperberhaier Damm

No. 6 Dam house

No. 7 Polsterberger Hubhaus

No. 8 Polsterthal colliery house

No. 9 Fortuner and Jägersbleeker pond

No. 10 Dead Men's Valley

No. 11 Cottage pond

No. 12 Okerteich


Subsidisation of a climate cure by the health insurance company

A climate cure in the Harz Mountains is often subsidised by health insurance companies in the following cases:

  • AHB and rehab after serious illnesses, operations or severe stress
  • For severe chronic illnesses, heart, vascular and respiratory diseases
  • For older people who lack exercise - ideal in the cold season
Oker dam Altenau Oberharz hiking