Clausthal University of Technology

The Geocollection at Clausthal-Zellerfeld University of Technology makes facts and relationships as well as the results of geoscientific research accessible to the public in a vivid way. The exciting subject matter has its origins here due to the centuries of mining in the region.

This is accompanied by a long tradition of involvement with mineralogy, geology and palaeontology. Last but not least, this contributed to the founding of a mining school in the 18th century, which developed from the mining school to the mining academy and today's technical university.

Geology in the visualisation


The Geocollection of the Clausthal-Zellerfeld University of Technology is made up of several exhibition components. More than 120,000 pieces are held in the Mineralogical Collections. Of these, around 8,000 mineral and ore pieces are open to the public. The section on the history of the earth and life is dedicated to the development of life and thus the most important processes of evolution. The natural history of the Harz includes interesting facts about the traditional geological history of the Harz region.

Mineral zinc
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