Sustainable Oberharz

for nature and the environment

Sustainable tourism not only fulfils the needs of tourists and the local population in our region, but also helps to secure future development opportunities. Resources are utilised in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic components are taken into account while at the same time preserving cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biodiversity and vital systems as the basis of life.

Our sustainability mission statement serves as a compass for us to promote responsible behaviour and make a positive contribution to the environment, communities and society. The Oberharz is rich in unique natural and cultural treasures. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism not only ensures long-term economic success, but also preserves the beauty and diversity of our destinations for future generations.

Forest development

Germany's forests have lost an enormous amount of trees in recent years due to adverse circumstances. Unfortunately, the Upper Harz was not immune to this either. But we are united and working hard to create new forests.

©Vanessa Lader