Wildemann in the Oberharz Mountains - a tailor-made holiday

The wildly romantic mountain town, nestled between the Innerste and Spiegel valleys.

You can enjoy peace and relaxation in a charming natural landscape. All around Wildemann you will find beautiful hiking trails and quiet side valleys where clear streams flow and idyllic ponds invite you to linger.

Wildemann is one of the seven former Oberharz mining towns that owe their existence to mining. The visitor mine "19-Lachter-Stollen", which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 19-Lachter-Stollen you will gain an insight into the great mining history of the Oberharz and the working conditions of the time. The tour, which is impressive for young and old alike, takes visitors deep into the mountain to the Ernst-August shaft and the enormous underground sweeping wheel.


Mining has left its mark on Wildemann. You can find evidence of mining everywhere. Did you know that "Lachter" is a measure of length used in mining? A "Lachter" corresponds to 1.92 metres, i.e. the length that a man could reach with an outstretched arm in the past (when people were smaller). The 19 Lachter adit is so named because it was 19 Lachter (approx. 36 metres) below the Glücksward adit, which in turn was 16 Lachter below the Frankenscharrn adit, which was the main adit of the eastern Zellerfeld gallery. As Wildemann is so closely associated with mining, you can enjoy a "tailor-made holiday" here. The town of Wildemann owes its name to the old legend of the "Wild Man". The "Wild Man", a mysterious giant, is said to have lived in a cave in the forest and aroused the suspicion of the first miners who settled here. Wildemann's legendary namesake is still commemorated today by the first "Wild Man" mine, an old lime tree in front of the Hotel Rathaus and a bronze statue opposite.

Get active in Wildemann in the Harz Mountains

Numerous inviting hiking trails and quiet side valleys await you around Wildemann. The Grumbach Valley with its idyllic nature and the avenue of trees invites you to hike and relax. On the various hiking trails you can collect the Wildemanner hiking pin on the various hiking trails. There are also idyllic ponds for fishing and swimming. There are also water and dew treading facilities to get your circulation going. Along the Innerste, you can not only enjoy wonderful hiking and cycling, but also inline skating. Mountain bikers will find access to the extensive network of trails in the Volksbank Arena Harz around Wildemann. Cyclists have direct access to the Innerstetal cycle path in Wildemann, which runs for 105 kilometres from the Harz Mountains to the River Leine.

Winter sports enthusiasts are in their element in and around Wildemann, as they can look forward to an 862 metre long toboggan run, cross-country ski trails and cleared winter hiking trails.

Wildemann also has a special activity that is unique in the Harz Mountains: Glowgolf Harz an indoor mini-golf course played in black light - a great experience for the whole family.

Wildemann Oberharz

Swimming fun in Wildemann

Of course, Wildemann also has its own swimming pool for particularly hot days. The Wildemann outdoor pool in the middle of unspoilt nature offers plenty of space to relax. A beautiful swimming pool with diving board, a non-swimmers' area with slide, a paddling pool, a sunbathing lawn for all sun worshippers, various play equipment and a sandpit await all water lovers. The kiosk provides the necessary refreshments.

Further information about the swimming pool can be found here

Experience Harz culture and tradition in Wildemann

Wildemann's pretty Maria Magdalenen Church towers above the Innerste and Grumbach valleys. The church, consecrated in 1915, is the third building on this site, where a church was first erected in 1542. The Maria Magdalena Church is particularly worth seeing because of its wooden interior with ornate carvings and ceiling paintings. Guided tours of the church can be arranged with Mrs Inge Schubert (also at short notice) by telephone (05323-6419). You should not miss the Easter bonfire in particular, where the original Oberharz wood torches are swung. The traditional cattle drive with Harz red cattle, shepherds and music on Whitsunday also guarantees an extraordinary experience.

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