Devil's Trail in the Harz Mountains

The Devil's Trail in the Harz mountains leads experienced mountain bikers through the centre of the highest low mountain range in northern Germany. The Devil's Trail takes you through all the mountain ranges and landscapes of the Harz - through the dense deciduous and coniferous forests and over 9 high peaks (including the Brocken).

Mountain bikers pass dams that supply northern Germany with drinking water and protect it from flooding, and the Green Belt, which divided the Harz Mountains and the whole of Germany until 1989.

The trail is 184 kilometres long and can be completed either in one go or in stages. At a total of 8 checkpoints you prove that you have really been there and when you have covered the 4,300 metres of altitude in your calves, you have made it. The Devil's Trail follows many of the Volksbank Arena Harz routes, but has its own red signs (see photo). On the Clausthal plateau you will encounter fragrant mountain meadows and many stone-lined ditches and historic ponds, in Goslar 1000 years of industrial history - together they are the Rammelsberg World Heritage Site, Goslar Old Town and the Oberharz Water Management System.

Total distance of the Devil's Trail

Individual stages of the Devil's Trail