Miracle in wood

Carving exhibition in Altenau

Mechanically moved wooden figures from the Harz Mountains and the Ore Mountains can be marvelled at in the woodcarving exhibition in Altenau. The carvings in the "Wonders in Wood" exhibition were made by different generations of the Meier woodcarving family, who have been carving for around 200 years. The Meier family, originally from the Lößnitz area in the Erzgebirge, came to Altenau in 1958. You can find influences from both homelands in the carvings.

In the exhibition, for example, you will find a miniature of a historic silver mine that depicts the work processes of ore mining in pre-industrial times. You can observe the miners' working techniques in great detail on the model using small mechanically moved carved figures. You can see the connection to Altenau in a diorama that shows the lively hustle and bustle in Altenau and the idyllic valleys in winter.

Carved souvenirs

At the Meier woodcarving workshop, you can also purchase art and everyday items from the master workshop. The range extends from typical motifs from the Harz Mountains to hand-carved nativity scenes, figures of saints, reliefs, animals and artisan figures in traditional and modern forms. The Harz Brocken witches, lovingly carved from wood, are particularly popular with visitors to the exhibition and holiday guests in the Oberharz Mountains.

Wood carving Oberharz Altenau