Sustainability mission statement

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Sustainable tourism not only fulfils the needs of tourists and the local population in our region, but also helps to secure future development opportunities. Resources are utilised in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic components are taken into account while preserving cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biodiversity and vital systems as the basis of life. Our sustainability mission statement serves as a compass for us to promote responsible action and make a positive contribution to the environment, communities and society.

We firmly believe that sustainable tourism not only ensures long-term economic success, but also preserves the beauty and diversity of our destinations for future generations. By integrating these principles into our actions, we are committed to a responsible and holistic approach to tourism in the mountain and university town of Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the region. Our mission statement is constantly evolving to meet changing challenges and opportunities.

Our principles of sustainability

1. nature conservation and environmental compatibility: We are actively committed to protecting the natural environment by avoiding waste, saving energy and water and promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials. We also support environmentally friendly travel and transport for our guests in the region.

2. community and social responsibility: We respect the identity and values of the region and its people and develop target group-specific offers for guests and locals. We cultivate respectful and long-term partnerships with the communities in which we operate. We support local and regional initiatives. Our activities contribute to strengthening the local economy and preserving cultural identity.

3. economic sustainability: Our business practices are geared towards achieving long-term economic success without losing sight of environmental and social aspects. We strive for a balance between growth, profitability and resource conservation.

4. quality and customer satisfaction: We offer our guests high-quality experiences that are both environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive. We inform our guests and our partners about sustainable behaviour and encourage them to actively contribute to the preservation of the destination.

5. innovation and continuous improvement: We strive to constantly review and optimise our operational processes. We encourage innovation to find new ways to achieve our sustainability goals, be it through the use of new technologies or the introduction of innovative offerings.

6. transparency and communication: We communicate openly and transparently about our sustainability goals, progress and challenges. We encourage our employees, partners and guests to get actively involved and work together towards a sustainable future.






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