National Park Visitor Centre TorfHaus

At the national park monument in Torfhaus you will find the Torfhaus National Park Visitor Centre. It's not just the marvellous view of the Brocken that is fascinating. Gather knowledge about all aspects of the Harz Mountains here.

At the information desk in the visitor centre, staff will be happy to answer all your questions about the Harz Mountains, the National Park and the many adventure offers in the region. The TorfHaus is also the starting point for many exciting excursions into the wilderness and unspoilt nature of the Harz low mountain range.

Informative exhibition on the Harz National Park

In the exhibition at the National Park Visitor Centre, you can find out how wilderness becomes reality. Interactive exhibits on the topics of the national park, wilderness and moorland as well as the Green Belt and the National Natural Landscapes provide you with interesting information. What does the wolf have to do with the Green Belt to do with the Green Belt? How long does a moor need to grow? Where are there other national parks in Germany? The exhibition has answers to these questions and many more.

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