Museums and exhibitions

In the Harz Mountains, you can expect not only a wonderfully diverse landscape with great leisure activities, but also cultural diversity and unique sights. You can immerse yourself in the history of the Harz in numerous museums and exhibitions. Whether mining, wood art or natural spectacles, the Harz has an exciting history that you can trace here.

Enjoy a journey through Harz traditions and explore the complexity of the history of the Harz region. The Harz impresses with its cultural diversity and many museums. In addition, the Harz nature offers another wide range of sights, the versatility of which knows no bounds.

Wonders in wood

Mechanically moved wooden figures from the Harz Mountains and the Ore Mountains can be marvelled at in the woodcarving exhibition in Altenau. The carvings in the "Wonders in Wood" exhibition were made by different generations of the Meier woodcarving family, who have been carving for around 200 years.

Miracle in wood figures

National Park Visitor Centre

The Torfhaus National Park Visitor Centre is located at the national park monument in Torfhaus. It's not just the marvellous view of the Brocken that is fascinating. Gather knowledge about all aspects of the Harz Mountains here.

National Park Visitor Centre torfhaus Oberharz
©Nationalpark-Besucherzentrum TorfHaus

Altenau Heritage Centre

You will find the Altenau-Schulenberg local history museum in the Altenau spa guest centre. Learn interesting facts about life in the Oberharz, especially about the workers who shaped the economy of the Oberharz with their hard work. Mining and the professions associated with it are thematised here. Local art and the "Oberharz Water Management", a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also vividly presented here.

©HeimatstubeAltenau, Roland Riesen

Upper Harz Mining Museum

Experience and discover real exhibits of original mining equipment. Learn about the history of ore mining from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century in a very special, authentic way.



Upper Harz Mining Museum

World Heritage Information Centre

Get an overview of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar Old Town and Oberharz Water Management" in the easily accessible and barrier-free World Heritage Information Centre in Clausthal Zellerfeld. Find out how man, nature and technology are united in this marvellous World Heritage Site. Get to know the impressive history!

©stefan sobotta

Geocollection at the Clausthal-Zellerfeld University of Technology

The Geocollection at Clausthal-Zellerfeld University of Technology is an illustrative collection that is open to the public. Around 8,000 pieces of minerals and ore can be studied. In addition to mineralogy, the exhibition is dedicated to the history of the earth and life and thus the development of life. The natural history of the Harz includes interesting facts about the traditional geological history of the Harz region.



Mineral zinc
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