Take part in geocaching in the Harz National Park, probably the world's biggest treasure hunt! But what exactly is geocaching? The term is made up of the Greek word for earth "geo" and the English word for secret storage/hiding place "cache". In Germany, this activity adventure is also known as Schnitzeljagd 2.0. With the help of GPS coordinates, you have to find the hiding places, i.e. caches, using the Geocaching® app and then you can go on a search in the Harz National Park. Fun for two, in a group or with the family.


Many great caches are waiting to be found. In the Harz Mountains, there are beautiful and special places that can be discovered, naturally with respect for nature conservation. The caches, which are usually waterproof containers, contain logbooks and pens, and often also contain items to swap. You sign in there and mark the cache as found in the app. In nature reserves and national parks, it is only permitted to hide caches directly on paths - the rules of the national park and the path requirement strictly apply!

How it works: Geocaching in the Oberharz

  • Download the Geocaching® app to your mobile phone
  • Search for a cache in the Harz Mountains
  • Start the navigation and set off in search of the cache
  • When you have found the cache, enter your name and date in the logbook
  • Re-hide the cache exactly where you found it
  • Mark the cache as "found" in the app
  • Go on a new treasure hunt in the Harz Mountains
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