Buntenbock in the Harz Mountains - holiday in the meadow

In the district of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, situated between romantic ponds and colourful mountain meadows, you can enjoy your holiday in idyllic Harz nature. The village of Buntenbock, where the river Innerste rises, lies in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Oberharz Water Management". The numerous ponds in Buntenbock which date back to the mining era invite you to swim in summer.

In Buntenbock, sheep graze alongside horses on the herbal mountain meadows that can be found around the village. You can relax on the beautiful mountain meadows, enjoy the view of lush green meadows and slopes covered with countless colourful flowers and be enchanted by the scent of nature. You will feel very close to nature.

Hike through Buntenbock's pond and mountain meadow landscape

For your hiking holiday Buntenbock is an attractive place to stay overnight, as the village is part of an extensive and well-signposted network of hiking trails. If you like walking by the water, then you should hike the "Buntenbocker Teiche" water hiking trail. The 5 km circular hiking trail starts at the swamp pond in Buntenbock, which is also located directly on the Harz Witches' Trail and the Harz Foresters' Trail - two well-known and popular hiking trails in the Harz Mountains, where you can explore the Harz Mountains and their fascinating nature in stages.

You can also hike through the beautiful Buntenbock mountain meadows. On a walk along the well-signposted "Buntenbocker Bergwiesenweg", which consists of several circular tours, you will not only discover beautiful flowers, but also enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding mountain ranges and tranquil lakes.


Winter holiday in Buntenbock

When winter envelops Buntenbock's meadows and forests in glistening white, sledging on the Ziegenberg and cross-country skiing are tempting options. You can embark on magical tours through the snow-covered landscape on a well-developed and partially floodlit network of cross-country trails.


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