World Heritage Trails

Tours, in the flow of natural history

The World Heritage hiking trails lead you through the varied and beautiful nature of the Upper Harz. You will see numerous ponds and ditches, colourful mountain meadows in summer and snow-covered meadows in winter, untouched forests with soul and many animals. You will also gain exciting insights into the world cultural heritage of the Upper Harz on information boards.

This makes your hike an entertaining and educational walk through the Oberharz in addition to being a sporting experience. Discover the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Harz Water Management and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rammelsberg Mine. We have selected three exemplary routes for you.


Routes of the World Heritage hiking trails

Tour 1: World Heritage Trail of Knowledge "Ideas and Innovations"

Route length: 3.6 km

A wonderful circular route takes you through the Upper Harz water management system. At twelve stations, you will learn interesting facts about the scholar Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. He was active in the Upper Harz at the end of the 17th century. In various experiments, he researched how water could be replaced or saved as a source of energy.

Tour 2: World Heritage Trail "Pumping and storing"

Route length: 3.3 km

Important mining artefacts and technical facilities are explained to hikers on this tour. The "Polsterberger Hubhaus" pump house, the trenches and two brick-built waterwheel rooms are just some of the topics covered. Enjoy the view of the picturesque Polstertal pond, which you walk past.

Tour 3: World Heritage discovery trail "Searching for traces in the Great Clausthal"

Route length: 3.4 km

Go on a circular route near Clausthal-Zellerfeld. It takes you from the Rosenhöfer Radstuben to the Ottiliae shaft, the oldest iron mine. Gain exciting insights into a landscape that was characterised by mining activities. It still captivates visitors today with its industrial heritage.