Whitsun meeting of the Oberharzer Heimatbund

This year, the Heimatbund Oberharz e.V. and its 5 member associations are once again inviting you to the Whitsun meeting at the Altenau Kurgastzentrum in Hüttenstraße 9. The Whitsun gathering, which took place on the Polsterberg until 2016, is one of the oldest traditional events in the Oberharz.

Every year on Whit Monday, all friends of the local area and guests meet in the spa gardens of the Altenau spa guest centre for the Whitsun gathering. The Janissary Band opens this traditional event with a concert.

Various folklore and traditional groups from the Oberharzer Heimatbund from Altenau, St. Andreasberg, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Buntenbock and Lerbach, as well as a group from the Harzklub e.V. will present their skills. Harz folk art offers a wide range of traditional events. Songs, yodelling, folk dances, whip concerts, blacksmiths and cowherd signals will be presented to the guests. Woodcarters, cowherds and miners are presented in their professional and festive costumes. The members of the Oberharzer Heimatbund will be wearing the Harz costume designed by Karl Reinecke-Altenau.

All guests can also expect a special Harz hiking pin stamp.

Further information will follow closer to the event.