Events in the Upper Harz

Experience excitement and tradition in the Upper Harz all year round

The Upper Harz offers not only smaller events, but also a series of annual events that attract countless visitors every year. Probably the best-known event in the Harz Mountains is Walpurgis Night from 30 April to 1 May. This is the night when, according to Celtic and Germanic customs, witches from all over flew to the Brocken, also known as Blocksberg. They did this to mate with the devil. They danced wildly around the witches' fire on their brooms and celebrated with Lucifer.

You can still encounter so many witches and devils in the Harz Mountains at this time of year! The custom is traditionally celebrated in a great atmosphere with numerous parades and parties. In spring, you can also look forward to many events centred around the theme of nature. Whether it's the meadow blossom festival or the cattle drive, the festival of lights or sporting events, the Upper Harz has the right event for every taste in its calendar. You can find many more events in our calendar of events just browse through it!

Calendar of events

Life pulsates in the Upper Harz and the variety of events seems almost inexhaustible! Our current calendar of events gives you the opportunity to enjoy an unrivalled wealth of experiences. From festivals, concerts and cultural events to outdoor activities and traditional celebrations - this calendar informs you about all the exciting and fascinating events in the region. Updated and always filled with the necessary information on dates, venues and highlights. It invites you to get to know the diverse world of the Upper Harz and to collect unforgettable memories.


All events in the Upper Harz

Throughout the year, this picturesque region hosts a variety of events that attract locals and tourists from near and far. The repertoire ranges from traditional festivals to cultural highlights. The Upper Harz thus offers a broad spectrum of events for all age groups and interests.