Arts and crafts centre in Clausthal-Zellerfeld

A visit to the Kunsthandwerkerhof in Clausthal-Zellerfeld is an exciting experience for young and old. The buildings on the rustic cobblestone floor house a shop selling wool and more, a brewing academy, a restaurant and a glassworks. The exhibition rooms showcase the wonderful, colourful art of glass design - from small figurines and baubles to large vases. And if you don't just want to watch glass being made live, you can take part in a glass-blowing workshop yourself!



A glass workshop can also be found at the Kunsthandwerkerhof. Glass beads are hand-wound here from Murano glass, glass rods from Lauscha and American silver glass. This results in the creation of elaborate pieces of jewellery and extraordinary unique items to give as gifts. The Kultur-Initiative Kunsthandwerkerhof also offers creative courses for designing your own jewellery.


Art of brewing

If you want to experience the "liquid craft", you can visit the brewing academy and even learn the art of brewing beer yourself. Just want to enjoy a cold beer and fortify yourself with a hearty meal? If so, you are invited to visit the brewery restaurant in the Kunsthandwerkerhof.

Brewery Academy Clausthal-Zellerfeld Oberharz

Wool and more

The Kunsthandwerkerhof also has a suitable shop for creative clothing designers - Fehlfarben. In addition to colourful and cosy hats, scarves, woollen blankets, fabrics, knitting yarns, felting wool and sewing products, the shop organises Fehlfarben also organises felting seminars for creative beginners of all ages.



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Arts and crafts centre Clausthal-Zellerfeld Oberharz
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