Culture & Nature in the Upper Harz

A diverse landscape with leisure activities, cultural diversity and unique sights

You can immerse yourself in the history of the Harz in numerous museums, churches and historical sites. Whether mining, the art of brewing, places of worship or natural spectacles - the Harz has an exciting history that you can trace in numerous places. Enjoy a journey through Harz traditions, learn about legends and myths and explore the complexity of the history of the Harz region. The Harz impresses with its cultural diversity and many sights, including monasteries, museums, mines, churches and much more.

You should definitely not miss out on a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Harz Water Management" during your holiday in the Harz Mountains. This water management system, created by Cistercian monks more than 800 years ago, was used to harness water power for mining and is a true witness to the fascinating history of mining in the Harz Mountains. In addition, the Harz nature offers another wide range of sights, the versatility of which knows no bounds.