Altenau Wilderness Trail - On the trail of nature

The wilderness trail informs you about nature in the Harz Mountains

On the wilderness trail Altenau you can become an observer of nature left to its own devices in the Harz Mountains. Find out why some trees only grow at certain altitudes and temperatures and which plants mainly grow near streams or forest edges. Find out why the forest continues to thrive after a strong wind has blown down the trees and how forest clearings are created.

You will find explanations to these and other questions on the informative information boards along the trail. You can also see how the forest in the Harz Mountains is slowly regenerating from the mining era and regaining its original character. Here you can download the flyer for the wilderness trail.

Travelling to the Altenau Wilderness Trail

From Altenau, take the B 498 in the direction of Dammhaus. Directly after the end of Altenau, the Rose car park is on the left behind a large meadow. The signs for the wilderness trail start at the upper end of the car park. From there, walk about 100 metres until you can start your hike on the Altenau Wilderness Trail.

Altenau Oberharz hiking town
©Vanessa Lader

The route of the Altenau Wilderness Trail