DiscGolf in Altenau

Do you already know DiscGolf? This young sport is a mixture of classic golf and frisbee. Disc golf is young, new and different from other sports. Disc golf is a sport for every generation. It can be played as a team or alone. The aim of disc golf is to complete a disc golf course of 9 or 18 holes with as few throws as possible. The player throws the disc towards a metal catch basket from a predetermined throwing zone.

The player then marks the spot where the disc has landed and continues playing from there. The course is completed when the disc has sunk into the catch basket. The length of the lanes on our special mountain course is between 54 and 106 metres. There are sporting differences in altitude of up to 21 metres. The start is at the Heilklima-Portal next to the Kristall-Therme Altenau at the highest point of the course. Try it out in Altenau, the fun factor is guaranteed!

Sport, hiking and nature

Experience the unique combination of sport, hiking and nature. Disc golf is a great leisure activity for families in particular. All you have to do is hire the discs, if you haven't brought your own, and the fun can begin.

Costs: Use of the Altenau DiscGolf mountain course is free of charge. Disc sets with two discs per player can be purchased at the Altenau Tourist Information Centre for a fee of 3 euros/set.

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