Forest development

Joint initiative "The forest is calling"

The tree population in Germany's forests has suffered heavy losses in recent years. Unfortunately, the Harz region has also suffered greatly due to adverse conditions. Extreme weather conditions, drought, storms and the spread of the bark beetle are to blame. Clear-cutting in the landscape still bears witness to this, but a new forest will emerge. This is being worked on with combined forces. The "The forest is calling" initiative has been launched to provide guests, locals and interested visitors with detailed information about this forest development. Various supporters are joining forces in this initiative.

The aim is to involve everyone in the visible developments and to sensitise them to the dynamics of nature in its processes. The strategies for action in the commercial forest and in the Harz National Park are to be demonstrated and an understanding of the priorities in the development process is to be promoted. The initiative is a joint project of the Harz Tourism Association (HTV), the Lower Saxony State Forests, the forestry offices affiliated with the Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia state forestry operations in the Harz, the Harz Club, the Harz Regional Association, the Karstlandschaft Südharz biosphere reserve and the Harz National Park.

Active participation

Every visitor to the Harz Mountains is called upon to participate in the positive development of the forest. The 13 photo spots are intended to sensitise people to the dynamic natural process in the forest. Through cut-outs on information boards, anyone can take a picture here and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #derwaldruft. Comprehensive information is available for those interested from the Harz Tourism Association: stickers with a QR code and a link lead to the website of the "Der Wald ruft" initiative. They are attached to the Harzer Wandernadel stamp boxes in affected forest areas. Everyone is also welcome to help through forest sponsorships, donations and planting campaigns.

©Vanessa Lader