Oker Valley Tour

A classic hike in the Harz Mountains

Every hiker in the Harz Mountains is enthusiastic about this excursion, because anyone who has walked it once will rave about it: the cliffs are fascinating to look at in their natural formations. But they also impress with their illustrious names: Be curious and find out what the "Witches' Kitchen" or "Mousetrap" are all about. It is said that ritual acts used to take place here on the Huthberg.

But this hike is nothing to be afraid of. It shows once again how relics from earlier times can provide information about the geology of the Harz. It is exciting to see how the granite rocks have defied the centuries and are still there. But time has not left them untouched either. As natural monuments with curves, they show what is known as "woollen sack weathering" and look like stacked pillows, bedding or even woollen sacks due to the weather.

Cliff by cliff a hiking pleasure through the Oker valley

If you are travelling by car, it is a good idea to start the hike at the "Romkerhaller Wasserfall" car park. From here, start to the right of the waterfall, follow the signs labelled "Kästeklippe" and climb uphill into the world of cliffs in the Oker Valley. The first rock formation you see is the "Feigenbaumklippe", followed by the "Mausefalle" and the "Hexenküche". After about 600 metres in altitude, you will see the "Kästeklippen" on your hike. They are a formation of granite rocks from which you can enjoy an impressive view of the Oker valley. After a rest, the trail then descends again. Follow the signs for "Waldhaus" - this will take you over the Huthberg, turn left at Jägerborn and hike over the "Ziegenrückenklippen". After the cliffs, a leisurely walk follows through a wild and romantic mountain valley along the River Oker. You walk against the direction of flow, past Verlobungsinsel island and return to your starting point, the hikers' car park.


©Vanessa Lader

The Oker Valley Tour at a glance