The Fairy Tale Trail

From Torfhaus to the Oderteich pond

It is said to be the most "fabulously" beautiful hiking trail in the Upper Harz. It is considered challenging as it runs through wild nature and is not a path that has been levelled by human hands. Bridges and footbridges have been created to minimise the impact on the landscape. Please be equipped with good clothing and sturdy footwear for this trail, which leads through the natural dynamic zone of the Harz National Park.

This zone is deliberately free of human intervention in nature. Dead wood, such as that created by fallen trees, lies on the path here. It serves as a food source for small organisms on the ground. These process it into fertilising humus and thus into a breeding ground for new vegetation. Discover the wonderful, almost adventurous dynamics of nature's symbiosis of old and young.




The route to the fairytale trail

Hiking through a natural dynamic zone of the Harz National Park

You can start directly from Torfhaus if you are in the village on foot. If you are travelling by car, simply start from the free car park at the Rinderkopf ski lift. Follow the road along the L 504 in the direction of Torfhaus. Cross the B4, walk about 200 metres to the right and cross the B4 again to reach the Märchenweg. Shortly after leaving Torfhaus in the direction of Braunlage, the Märchenweg begins on the right. Many bridges and footbridges have been built on this path, so you won't get your feet wet if there are damp patches on the hike. Make sure you wear sturdy hiking boots, as the path requires some skill as it is rather narrow and very natural. All hardy hikers will be rewarded with exciting observations of the development of the forest on this approx. 5 km hike from Torfhaus to Oderteich.



Upper Harz hiking forest fairytale trail
©Vanessa Lader