Volksbank Arena Harz

Welcome to the Harz mountain bike Eldorado. The Harz Mountains offer all mountain bikers challenging terrain that requires strength and concentration.

There are 2,200 km of pure mountain biking pleasure available on 74 circular routes, with around 59,000 metres of altitude to conquer. During the tours, you can expect fantastic views of the Harz countryside, long climbs that will make your legs glow, trails for real mountain bikers and, of course, a landscape that could hardly be more varied.

The routes of the Volksbank Arena Harz are also ideal for e-bikes. If you want to charge your bike in between, you can find possible charging points here: https://www.volksbank-arena-harz.de/akku-laden The Volksbank Arena Harz offers starting points in 31 Harz towns. In most cases, you will find an overview map with all the routes in the surrounding area in the Volksbank Arena Harz at the respective starting point.

Routes of the Volksbank Arena Harz


The signposting in the Volksbank Arena Harz

For reasons of nature and landscape conservation, there is no large and unnecessary signposting. The signposting distinguishes between three levels of difficulty: easy (blue), medium (red) and difficult (black). The respective route signposting includes the first letter of the starting point and a number if there are several routes from the starting point.


Goslar offers 5 routes: On the signs you will therefore find G1 to G5 In the Oberharz in Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld you will find routes O1 to O11

As the routes are designed as circular tours, they all lead back to the respective starting point. The direction signs are located at the turn-offs. Please note that the signs only point in one direction.

Mountain bike tickets for the Volksbank Arena Harz

To ensure that all mountain bikers in the Volksbank Arena Harz have a complete overview of all 74 signposted mountain bike tours at all times, there is of course an official map set, which you can obtain from all tourist information centres in the Upper Harz or order online.

The completely revised and expanded new edition of "Der Harz für Mountainbiker" consists of a tour book with detachable individual descriptions and detailed maps of the routes. There is also a topographical overview map on weatherproof POLYART material.

Order "Der Harz für Mountainbiker" online from Amazon or directly from the HARZ-Agentur GmbH.