Okersee boat trip

Depending on the weather, you can take a cruise on the Oker reservoir with the MS AquaMarin from the beginning of April until January. Oker reservoir from the beginning of April until January. During the cruise on the almost 35 metre long MS AquaMarin, you will sail along the Oker reservoir for around 1.5 hours and pass five piers. On two decks and 250 seats, you can marvel at the beauty of the reservoir and the surrounding area.

The start and end point of the Okersee boat trip is the main jetty at Weißwasserbrücke. If you don't want to spend the entire round trip on the boat, you can also travel only part of the way to the jetties at Hauptsperrmauer, Schulenberg and Vorsperrmauer.

Boat tour for special occasions

You can book the Okerseeschiff MS AquaMarin for large Okerseerundfahrten or special trips. Your party, wedding or company event is sure to be a complete success in this marvellous setting. You can also enjoy culinary delights on board - from brunch to dinner, you can choose from a wide range of gourmet packages.

You can find more information on journey times and priceshere.