Multi-generational exercise park in Wildemann

With the construction of the multi-generational exercise park in Spiegeltal in Wildemann in June 2023, a year-round offer was created that motivates both the older generation and children and young people to exercise outdoors.

The multi-generational exercise park is a meeting place for all generations where social contacts can be developed. The exercise park includes various stations for endurance, strength, balance and coordination. Use of the multi-generational exercise park is free of charge!

The course, with elements running through the entire park, enables targeted strength training and coordination exercises. A functional strength training programme has been created with equipment such as the leg exerciser, wave run and upper body ergometer. The balancing course trains coordination and dexterity and enables playful and fun-orientated running through the course. It consists of various balancing beams, a balancing steel cable system, a wobbly beam, a wobbly bridge, a climbing net, a rung ladder bridge, a floating platform and a slackline.

Oberharz exercise park course
©GLC AG | Katharina Dundler

A 6-metre-long, ground-level trampoline and a jumping area are available for fun and coordination training. The jumping area can also be used as a multifunctional area, e.g. for yoga.

Friends of the French game of boules can play free of charge at any time of the day on the internationally standardised boules court (please bring your own boules or pay a fee at the tourist information office in Wildemann). Next to the boules court is a chess area with large chess pieces. This part of the exercise park is ideal for gentle exercise, improving cognitive performance and meeting nice people.

Trampoline exercise park Oberharz
©GLC AG | Katharina Dundler