Hike to the cliffs in the national park

On this hike to the Wolfswarte on the Bruchberg, you will follow in the footsteps of hunters from times gone by. This is where they used to wait for the wolves. The animals were considered dangerous predators that not only endangered the lives of other species. Today, the ascent to an altitude of 918 metres is something for experienced hikers. Some of the paths require skill, so please wear robust footwear and sturdy hiking clothing.

Make sure you stick to the signposted paths on your hike. Once you reach the summit of the Bruchsberg, at the Wolfswarte, an extraordinary formation of quartzite cliffs awaits you. Your hike will also be rewarded with a fabulous view: enjoy the view of Altenau and parts of the Oker reservoir. If you are lucky with the weather, you may be able to see as far north as the Harz foreland.

On the trail of the hunters of prehistoric times

If you start from Altenau, you can hike along the Wolfswarter Weg to the Wolfswarte. At several points, this hiking trail is connected to the Steile-Wand-Straße, which leads from Altenau to Torfhaus. If you take the last connecting path, it is the easiest. It is located at an altitude of around 760 m just before the first car park on the steep wall. The hiking trail then turns into the Butterstieg, which takes you to the Wolfswarte. Alternatively, you can also climb the Wolfswarte from Torfhaus via a direct route. This will get you to the Bruchberg more quickly.

Wolfswarte Klippe Oberharz hike
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Hiking routes of the Wolfswarte