Hiking trail around the Torfhausmoor

Exploring the Harz moors

On the Goethe and Kaiser Trail, you can hike around the large Torfhaus moor over a total distance of around 4.5 kilometres. You will discover the Harz moor landscape with its many geo- and biotopes. Your hike begins in Torfhaus. Leaving the last houses of Torfhaus behind you, you follow the Goetheweg. After a short time, you reach the Großer Torfhausmoor, also known as the Radauer Born. You cross this raised bog on a boardwalk. You follow the Goetheweg until you reach a junction where the Goetheweg crosses the Kaiserweg.

While the Goetheweg turns right towards Brocken keep left and follow the Kaiserweg. You cross a bridge under which the River Abbe flows. At the next junction, leave the Kaiserweg and walk back towards Torfhaus. Shortly before Torfhaus, you will see an old peat cutting on your left: peat used to be mined here. The boundaries of the peat cutting can still be recognised today by the steep walls overgrown with dwarf shrubs and spruce trees.

The route around the Torfhausmoor