Sustainability in the Oberharz

Showing initiative for the future

Sustainable tourism not only fulfils the needs of tourists and the local population in our region, but also helps to secure future development opportunities. Resources are utilised in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic components are taken into account while at the same time preserving cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biodiversity and vital systems as the basis of life.

Our sustainability mission statement serves as a compass for us to promote responsible behaviour and make a positive contribution to the environment, communities and society. The Upper Harz is rich in unique natural and cultural treasures. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism not only ensures long-term economic success, but also preserves the beauty and diversity of our destinations for future generations.

HATIX ticket

Criss-cross mobility in the Harz Mountains completely free of charge - the Harz holiday ticket HATIX fulfils this wish. It allows you to explore the Harz Mountains by public transport in a convenient and environmentally friendly way. Overnight guests throughout the Harz Mountains receive the guest card on arrival, which from 1 January 2020 is also your free bus ticket on many routes in the Harz Mountains during your stay.

E-charging points

Are you travelling to us sustainably with your electric vehicle? We are grateful for this and will ensure that you always stay mobile with numerous charging stations. But also if you book e-car sharing: Take advantage of the variety of e-charging points in the Oberharz and the surrounding area. Get an overview here before you start your journey!




Forest development

In recent years, forests throughout Germany have suffered from extreme weather conditions, drought, storms and especially the bark beetle. Unfortunately, the Harz Mountains have not been spared. Together and with combined forces, we are working on forest development. We would like to keep you up to date on this.



©Vanessa Lader

Refill stations

"Avoid plastic waste | drink tap water | fill up your water bottle" is the motto of Refill Germany, whose sustainable concept now includes the tourist information centres. At the Altenau and Wildemann tourist information centres, the Urlaubswelt Harz/Tourist Information Clausthal-Zellerfeld and the Harz Welcome Centre Torfhaus, it is possible to take part in this concept free of charge. As part of the refill offer, you can refill your own drinking bottle with tap water or have it refilled. This means that every guest, whether hiker, walker or simply visitor, can be well prepared for their excursion in the Oberharz at the tourist information centres.



Sustainable Refill-Station Tourist-Information Altenau
©Tourist-Informationen Oberharz

Donate food

The Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld tourist information centres, together with the Goslar food bank and the Clausthal "Lazarus" table, have launched the "Donate food instead of wasting it" aid campaign. Every holidaymaker can hand in their surplus food that still has a shelf life. In this way, people in need can be helped and sustainable action can be taken.


Our sustainability concept

The Oberharz is rich in unique natural and cultural treasures. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism preserves the beauty and diversity of our destinations for future generations. By integrating these principles into our actions, we are committed to a responsible and holistic approach to tourism. Our mission statement is constantly evolving to meet changing challenges and opportunities.

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E-car sharing

Want to be sustainable when it comes to mobility on holiday? You can do this very well with us: let us invite you to e-car sharing in the Upper Harz and the surrounding area with an excellent network. Share communal electric cars and use them to visit the wonderful excursion destinations not only in our region, but throughout the Harz Mountains in an environmentally conscious way.