KräuterPark Altenau in the Upper Harz

Opening expected in 2024

Touch, smell and taste. Enjoy in Altenau in the Upper Harz, savour the scent of herbs and marvel at the variety of herbs that can be found here. Take a walk along the well-maintained, easy-to-walk paths of the herb park in the Upper Harz and discover the variety of well-known and exotic herbs and spices. If you are not so familiar with herbs, numerous information boards provide lots of details about the plants.

In addition to the respective names of the herbs, these provide interesting facts about their origin, use in the kitchen or possible healing powers. Many forgotten "household remedies" can be found here at KräuterPark Altenau, which cannot replace medicine, but may help with minor ailments. Medicinal herbs from the so-called "God's pharmacy" are also on display, which, according to tradition, had their place in folk medicine in the past.

Spice gallery in the KräuterPark Altenau

In the spice gallery at KräuterPark Altenau you will find a large repertoire of herbs and spices. Breathe in the spicy, aromatic scent of the herbs hanging from the gallery ceiling. View over 1,500 spices and herbs in their colourful variety in the gallery. Celebrate a feast for the senses with spice and tea blends, incense, natural cosmetics, honey and oils. Watch the show roasting of spices and take your own blends home with you.

Herb collection Oberharz Herb Park Altenau

Spice pagoda in the KräuterPark Altenau

The Spice Pagoda in KräuterPark Altenau is more reminiscent of a Buddhist temple than a building in the Upper Harz. In the impressive ten metre high building, in the middle of the green park, you can experience the history of the world's spices on a tour. How did the spices come to us from distant lands? How were they transported? Visitors can find out interesting facts about the sea route to India, about caravans on the Silk and Incense Road and much more!

Opening hours of the KräuterPark Altenau

Opening expected in 2024

Marigold Pagoda Herb Park Altenau Oberharz
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