19-Lachter-Stollen in Wildemann

The 19 Lachter gallery in Wildemann is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lachter is the name for an old miner's measure. 1 Lachter corresponds to a length of 1.92 metres. The 8,800 metre long tunnel, which was completed in the 17th century, was used to drain the groundwater from the higher ore mines and was therefore a basic requirement for their operation. A guided tour through the 19-loft tunnel will give you an excellent impression of the mining history.

You can walk several hundred metres into the tunnel yourself and even see a 261 m deep shaft. You can also take your mining and potholing diploma during the tour. After the tour, your taste buds will also get their money's worth when you try the typical Harz sausage speciality, the Stümpel (only available to pre-order). You can find more information about the 19-Lachter-Stollen here.