Fish and Fishing Week Oberharz 2024

The Oberharz Fishing Week will take place in August 2024.

Around the ponds in Buntenbock and at other locations in cooperation with the Anglerverband Niedersachsen and the Sportfischerverein Oberharz e.V. as well as with numerous angling-related stakeholders, the Oberharz Tourist Information Centre is organising the Fish and Fishing Week for the second time in 2024, where you can meet fishing professionals and get tips directly from them on the right equipment and how to choose and guide bait for different species of fish. Together with the experts, you can gain your first fishing experience directly on the water or expand your fishing knowledge. You will learn where and when it is best to fish, how to treat your catch appropriately and how to prepare it properly.

Spend time with other passionate anglers and discover the diverse waters of the Harz! You can also take part in a trout evening, lectures and other activities, including tips from chefs and trout smokers and secret recipes. Craft activities, the underwater explorer camp and fishing Saturday are also on offer for children and young people. Families can let off steam on the free sunset hike through the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Harz Mountains.

For professional and amateur anglers and anyone who wants to learn

During the Oberharz Fish and Fishing Festival, professional and amateur anglers with a fishing licence and fishing permits available on the event site can fish in the Oberharz ponds directly on the site or test their equipment. The Oberharz ponds Hasenbacher Teich, Sumpfteich and Ziegenberger Teich, which are directly accessible from the event site, are particularly suitable for this purpose. Fishing demonstrations, e.g. fly fishing, will also take place here during the day for all those interested.


Fish and fishing festival for the little ones

Fish and fishing are very exciting for children and young people. The earlier a child learns to recognise and appreciate the fish species of its home region and also spends its leisure time in nature, the greater its awareness of the wonderful animals and nature that humans and animals need to protect and preserve in order to live. The Oberharz Fish and Fishing Festival therefore not only offers play opportunities for younger children, but also playful information and adventure programmes about fish, the Oberharz ponds and, of course, delicious fish dishes. Of course, parents can also enquire at the clubs' stands about training courses and courses for the fishing licence for children aged 14 and over. And of course, all children and young people accompanied by an authorised adult can try out fishing for themselves at the Oberharz Fish and Fishing Festival.


For fish cooks and anyone who has always wanted to prepare delicious fish

The organisers invite families with children and all amateur chefs to the event mile in the Buntenbock spa gardens to find out about the professional processing of fish as well as the preparation - from the self-created spice mixture to preparation on the grill or in the pan and preparation in the genuine Harz cooking style - and of course to enjoy a delicious feast. Get the best tips and tricks from the Harz chefs directly during the event!

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Experience the Oberharz Water Management UNESCO World Heritage Site up close

The event site for the Oberharz Fish and Fishing Festival is located in the Buntenbock spa gardens. This is located directly next to some of the most beautiful Oberharz ponds, which are part of the Oberharz Water Management UNESCO World Heritage Site World Heritage Site. The holiday resort Buntenbock a district of Clausthal-Zellerfeld is characterised above all by its romance and the mountain meadows as well as several ponds. Here you can enjoy wonderful walks along the water and through the mountain meadows and of course also fish and swim in some of the ponds. The Oberharz tourist information centres, including the Oberharz Rehabilitation Centre in Buntenbock and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, have extensive information material and holiday offers for those interested. You will also find these on the event site during the event.

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