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Guests donate food to the needy

Perhaps you still have some food left over at the end of your holiday in Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld? But you don't want to take this food home with you or simply don't have room for it in your luggage. If so, our donation aid campaign offers a simple and sustainable solution: simply hand in your remaining food to us on your departure and donate it to those who urgently need it.

The Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld tourist information centres, together with the Goslar food bank and the Clausthal "Lazarus" table, have launched the fantastic and, above all, sustainable aid campaign "Donate food instead of wasting it". This campaign is intended to help ensure that less food is thrown away. In this way, people in need can be helped and the environment and resources are protected.

It's that simple

Food that has a longer shelf life is suitable for this aid campaign. Fresh products, frozen products, eggs and opened packaging are unfortunately unsuitable for this campaign. Recommended items are therefore rice, pasta, all tinned food and food in rigid packaging with a long shelf life. Please hand in these foodstuffs at the Altenau Tourist Information Centre or the Clausthal-Zellerfeld Tourist Information Centre during opening hours.


Overview: Which foods are suitable

Recommended articles:

  • e.g. rice, pasta
  • all tinned food
  • Food with a long shelf life in rigid packaging

Not recommended:

  • Frozen products
  • eggs
  • chilled goods
  • Opened packaging

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