Bergwiesenweg Buntenbock

A centuries-old cultural landscape invites you to go hiking

The Upper Harz mountain meadows are a unique ecosystem in northern Germany that was formed indirectly as a result of mining. The Buntenbock mountain meadows are part of the cultural heritage and are a man-made landscape. They were created by miners who, in addition to their mining activities, were also dependent on farming, which is why the development of the mountain meadows is thought to have peaked around the 15th and 16th centuries.


The mountain freedoms granted the miners the right to create hay meadows for their livestock, for grazing and for obtaining winter fodder. Almost every household had red cattle and goats back then. Nowadays, walkers and hikers can really slow down at these wonderful mountain meadows . Enjoy the wonderful experience in the green and colourful nature of the Upper Harz or in winter with its extensive, glistening blanket of snow.


The logo of the Buntenbock mountain meadow trail is the leaping goat on a blue flower, the wood cranesbill. It is a typical flower of the meadows in the region. You can walk several circular tours on the well-signposted "Buntenbock Mountain Meadow Trail". Simply follow the signs. Enjoy the lush greenery and the splendour of the blooming flowers that cover the meadows and slopes. Or enjoy the sight of the unspoilt snowy meadows in winter. Let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful scent of nature's natural perfume. Feel the soothing silence and harmony as your gaze wanders over the surrounding mountain ranges, imposing lakes and ponds.

The "Buntenbocker Bergwiesenweg" was realised by the Hermann Reddersen Foundation of the Harzklub and private donations. It is a nature conservation project of the Buntenbock branch of the Harzklub.



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The route to the Bergwiesenweg