UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage List currently includes 1,199 sites in 168 countries. These include cultural monuments, natural sites and those that belong to both the cultural and natural heritage. In the Harz Mountains, the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar Old Town and Upper Harz Water Management" is home to some very special treasures of the region.


The heritage of 3,000 years of mining extends over 200 km² here. Be fascinated by the Oberharz Water Management, the unique geopark of the Harz Mountains with its scenic and geological features. Find out exciting information and background information on the individual UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the World Heritage Information Centre.



UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Harz Water Management

The Oberharz Water Management UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of 107 historic ponds, ditches with a total length of 310 km and watercourses with a total length of 31 km. Visit the unique water management system, which was added to the list of natural and cultural heritage sites by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in August 2010.


The UNESCO Geopark

The UNESCO Geopark Harz - Braunschweiger Land - Ostfalen stretches from Mansfelder Land in the east to the municipality of Kalefeld in the west across parts of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It thus encompasses the entire Harz Mountains, including the neighbouring foothills and the "Braunschweiger Land" further north. You can obtain valuable information about the geological heritage of the Harz at the Geopark information points. Geopark information points in our region can be found, for example, in the Sankt Andreasberg National Park House and in the TorfHaus National Park Visitor Centre. The sedimentary structures and rocks of the Oberharz and the Brocken are explained here. You can also gain an insight into over 1,000 years of mining and research history in the Harz Mountains.

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World Heritage Information Centre

Since September 2022, visitors to Clausthal-Zellerfeld have been able to obtain detailed information in the newly built World Heritage Information Centre of the "UNESCO World Heritage in the Harz Mountains" Foundation. On an exhibition area of around 170 square metres, the accessible World Heritage Information Centre presents an overview of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Rammelsberg Mine, the Old Town of Goslar and the Oberharz Water Management System.

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