Hiking in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Harz Water Management

Go on a hike in the Upper Harz Water Regal - along the numerous ponds, ditches and watercourses

Hike along numerous hiking trails, the so-called Water Hiking Trails and World Heritage Discovery Trails, which lead you through the varied and beautiful nature of the Upper Harz. On the hike, you will see numerous ponds and ditches, walk through green spruce forests, across colourful mountain meadows, amidst fresh botany and observe many animals. Information boards will provide interesting facts about the Upper Harz Water Management UNESCO World Heritage Site and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rammelsberg ore mine and the historic centre of Goslar.

The various Water Hiking Trails and World Heritage Discovery Trails vary in length and have different themes, so there is the right hiking trail for everyone. Simply choose the right one for you and hike through the interesting region of the Upper Harz Water Regal. Enjoy this part of the fascinating Harz nature exclusively on your individually selected hiking route and receive exciting information along the way. Discover a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site - it's well worth it.

Upper Harz water management explanatory film