Our neighbours - Places in the surrounding area

Braunlage, Sankt Andreasberg, Bad Harzburg, Hahnenklee - all these places are close to our Oberharz region and can be easily reached by car or by public transport.

This offers you further opportunities to get to know beautiful highlight spots in the Harz Mountains. Take a cable car ride to the summit, be fascinated by a Norwegian-style church and much more.


With its Wurmberg, Braunlage offers the highlight of the mountains in Lower Saxony. It is considered the highest mountain in the state. Discover the diversity of this mountain giant.

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Sankt Andreasberg

You can enjoy a great active holiday in Sankt Andreasberg. But those who are interested in special mineralogy or have a soft spot for very special traditions are also in good hands here.


Bad Harzburg

Whether you want to explore a historic town with its rich history or enjoy the fauna and flora of nature. In Bad Harzburg you will find all of this in one place.

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Hahnenklee is not far from the town of Goslar. The Liebesbankweg is not just a must for lovers. Those who like to have fun are sure to have a great time here too! And don't be surprised if you think you're in Norway - you'll be mesmerised by the sight of the stave church.

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