Easter in the Oberharz

Various places in the Harz Mountains organise Easter bonfires or colourful Easter family events. So Easter can begin during the day in the Harz Mountains. Easter eggs are hunted for - perhaps you can even catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny while searching. In many places, there are also painting and craft stations where children can decorate the eggs with bright colours and make springtime Easter decorations.

In the evening, you can gather around the crackling Easter fire and watch the blazing flames in a cosy atmosphere. Various stalls offer tasty treats, so you don't just have to eat Easter eggs. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed at the Easter events in the Oberharz.

Easter campaign - collecting stamps in Wildemann

Saturday 16.03.2024 - Saturday 06.04.2024

Hiking fun especially for families, but also for individual hikers, on a fixed hiking route with a total of 8 stamp points. A small souvenir awaits you when you hand in your stamp cards.

General information:

A hiking route of approx. 6 kilometres has been marked out in the Grumbach Valley, which belongs to Wildemann. The start is at the entrance to the Grumbach Valley on the "Im Spiegeltal" road. From there, the route follows a paved forest path (Grumbachstraße), which climbs steadily and gently to the Grumbach pond. There we cross a dam to reach the Lausestieg via two sets of steps. On the Lausestieg, which runs parallel to Grumbachstraße, we walk back towards Wildemann. Shortly before we reach a ford over the Grumbach, we descend to a water treading area, from where we return to the valley entrance via Grumbachstraße.


Key data on the hike:

  • Location: Grumbach valley in Wildemann/Upper Harz
  • Hiking week period: Saturday 16.03.2024 - Saturday 06.04.2024 (inclusive)
  • Hikingmap/stamp card: The hiking map can be picked up together with stamp cards at the kiosk at the corner (Wildemann centre) and in the anteroom of the tourist information office (Wildemann centre).


Kiosk am Eck, Hindenburgstraße 2 in 38709 Wildemann During business hours (Monday to Friday 07:30 to 12:00 on Thursdays and Fridays additionally 15:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays 08:00 to 12:00 and Sundays from 08:00 to 10:00) in the kiosk. Outside of business hours, there is a perspex box in the entrance area of the kiosk from which each participant can take a hiking map and a stamp card.


Touristikinformation Wildemann, Bohlweg 5 in 38709 Wildemann During business hours as well as outside of business hours, there is a perspex box in the entrance area from which each participant can take a hiking map and a stamp card.


After the hike, the stamp cards can be presented at the kiosk. Every participant with a fully stamped stamp card will receive a souvenir in the kiosk during the business hours. Outside of the shop signs, there is an egg-shaped container in the entrance area of the kiosk containing the souvenirs. Stamp cards must be deposited here in exchange for a souvenir. Please only take one souvenir per stamp card.

Start and finish of the hiking circuit: Entrance to the Grumbach Valley (Grumbachstraße) on the road "Im Spiegeltal".

Total distance: approx. 6 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy

The Grumbachstraße between the starting point and the Grumbach pond is slightly uphill overall and can be easily managed by anyone. There are two sets of steps to climb to reach the Lausestieg. The Lausestieg leads back to Wildemann and is constantly slightly descending. Shortly before reaching a ford over the Grumbach, there is a descent to the water treading facility.

Even though the entire route is rated as easy to hike, the recommendation is:

Sturdy hiking shoes/boots; rucksack provisions required

Easter bonfire in the Harz Mountains

Like almost everywhere else, it is customary here in the Harz Mountains to light the Easter bonfires on the heights on Easter Saturday. It is an old tradition to celebrate the victory of the sun over winter. As the sun is a symbol of fertility, the Easter bonfires celebrate the beginning of new life. The ashes were then scattered on the fields as fertiliser.

Torch-waving also has a long tradition in the Harz Mountains. Its origins date back to the 11th century. Back then, fires were extinguished in the hearth at home before heading to the Easter bonfire. There, people would light their torches to rekindle the fire in the hearth. The sooty hands were then used to blacken the faces of the other spectators. This was supposed to bring good luck and a rich harvest. Nowadays, this custom is a lot of fun, especially for children.

Look forward to a cosy get-together at Easter, marvel at the beautiful fire that is lit at nightfall and have a good time. Of course, there will also be delicious food and drinks.

Easter bonfire Oberharz