Stone and sculpture trail in Schulenberg

Follow in the footsteps of impressive stones and wooden sculptures typical of the Harz region along the stone and sculpture trail

The stone and sculpture adventure trail in Schulenberg was created by the Schulenberg branch association and the spa operating company "Die Oberharzer" and offers hikers, nature lovers and those seeking relaxation a nice change of pace.

The Schulenberg branch association has used the Sonnenbankweg with its twelve benches and views of the Brocken to create the stone and sculpture trail on a section of the trim trail.

During a hike in the Harz Mountains along the trim trail, you can now admire and experience various stones in beautiful arrangements and wooden sculptures from the Harz Mountains along a 700 metre long section. The individual works of art are labelled so that you can find out about their origins and special features on a hike in the Harz Mountains. The benches along the sun bench trail provide a pleasant place to take a breather and enjoy the view of the Brocken and the Harz nature.

Hiking in the Harz Mountains

The entire Harz region enchants its guests with breathtaking scenery, green forests, colourful meadows and mountains. This offers excellent opportunities for hiking in the Harz. There is something for everyone. Many Harz hiking trails are divided into different stages and you can decide for yourself how long the hike should be. There are numerous natural highlights, oases of tranquillity, vantage points, huts and restaurants along the various hiking trails and routes.