Lakes and ponds in the Oberharz

In the centre of Germany, the Oberharz is not only characterised by its beautiful mountainous landscape. It also offers an unrivalled water paradise with its countless small and large lakes and ponds.

As part of the Upper Harz Water Management System and therefore a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they are a popular destination for walking or hiking. Here you can enjoy a wonderful swim or take part in water sports.

Oberharz water management

The Oberharz Water Management System is a unique water supply system that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. Cistercian monks created this water supply system in the Harz Mountains so that water power could be used for mining.


Oker dam Schulenberg

In the Upper Harz and Harz Mountains, dams provide protection against flooding and are used to generate energy as well as drinking water. The Okertalsperre is the largest reservoir in the whole of Lower Saxony. It was created in 1954 by flooding the village of Schulenberg.



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The Oderteich was created in the 18th century to supply the mines with water. The reservoir is the oldest in the whole of Germany. Idyllically situated, it offers numerous opportunities for leisure activities.


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Swimming and bathing

Take a refreshing dip or a long swim in the warmer seasons. Splashing around and having fun with the children to your heart's content? Or indulge in an ice bath in autumn or winter? All of this is wonderfully possible in the Oberharz.

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Fishing in the Oberharz

In the Oberharz region, passionate hobby anglers and sport fishermen will find ideal conditions for their hobby with numerous fishable ponds and waters.