Refill service for drinking water

Oberharz stands for sustainability - free refill service for drinking water

Since 9 August, the Oberharz tourist information offices have been offering something completely new: the service has now been expanded to include water refill stations, which enable visitors to get enough free drinking water. "Avoid plastic waste | drink tap water | refill your water bottle" is the motto of Refill Germany, whose holistic concept now includes the tourist information centres.

Therefore it is now available in the Holiday World Harz/Tourist Information Clausthal-Zellerfeld the Harz Welcome Centre Torfhaus and the Tourist Information Centres Altenau and Wildemann can refill their own drinking bottle with tap water or have it refilled free of charge as part of the refill offer. This means that every guest, whether a hiker, walker or simply a visitor, can be well prepared for their excursion in the Oberharz at the tourist information centres.

Drinking water for all

As part of the "Refill Germany" concept, the refill offer will be publicised with a door sticker and a small poster on site. In addition, the tourist information centres are listed as refill stations on the website and are thus organised in a Germany-wide network of refill stations and drinking fountains of around 6150 institutions. Overall, the movement supports environmental protection, waste avoidance and the careful use of resources. The use of Refill is at your own risk. Further information is available from all tourist information centres by telephone on 05328 8020, by email to

Refill station in the Oberharz in Altenau
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