Hiking in the Upper Harz

Discover the diversity of nature while hiking through the Upper Harz Mountains

In the Upper Harz you will find an extensive network of hiking trails with good signposting that will make your hiking holiday in the Harz a real pleasure.

"Why go far away when the good things are so close?" - this applies to so many things, but especially to the opportunities for hiking here. Thanks to its unique geographical location in the centre of Germany, the Oberharz is an easily accessible destination. With its diversity of lakes, ponds, meadows, valleys, forests and mountains, the region is a true hiking paradise for everyone. Hike through dreamlike landscapes in the Harz and enjoy nature from the numerous vantage points!




But don't just enjoy the exercise, also allow yourself time to relax. On the hiking trails through the Harz Mountains, you will come across cosy pubs that invite you to linger and take a breather. The beautiful Bauden are also ideal for a cosy break. Bauden used to be pure mountain shelters, the name comes from "Bude". They were built for shepherds and pasture farmers to stay in. Today, they are mostly restaurants in the Upper Harz where you can rest and enjoy the best food and drink. Take a look here for further suggestions: We have put together a few things to help you make the most of your hiking holiday with us.

Hiking experience brochure Oberharz

This hiking experience brochure contains 19 detailed tour suggestions for Germany's most diverse hiking region - the Oberharz. All tours include a map, route description, duration, length and level of difficulty. Pictograms are used to indicate whether the trails are pram-friendly, suitable for families or senior citizens, for example. Stamping points for collectors of the coveted Harz hiking pin are also indicated.

The WanderErlebnisOberharz brochure is available for €4 from all Upper Harz tourist information centres.

Long-distance hiking trails in the Harz Mountains

A large network of excellent long-distance hiking trails stretches across the entire Harz region and beyond. Well signposted, the themed trails lead through green mixed forests, gentle valleys and ascending heights. Enjoy the pure experience of nature as you hike along watercourses and ponds. Turn your holiday into a trekking adventure in the middle of Germany!


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Our tips: Numerous hiking routes in the Oberharz and surrounding area

These and other detailed hiking route descriptions can be found here on the right.

Water walking trails - Hiking along the Upper Harz Water Regal

The 22 water walking trails of the Harz Waterworks take you past both still utilised and disused ditches of the Upper Harz water management system. You walk along the pond chains of the water management system and discover old wheel pits, tunnel mouths and pings (depressions). On 300 heraldic panels and 100 information boards, you will learn lots of interesting facts about the Upper Harz water management facilities. The network of WaterWalkingTrails covers a total of almost 113 kilometres. The individual hiking trails are between 0.3 and 11.5 kilometres long.

Healing climate hiking in Altenau

If you want to be active and do something good for your health at the same time, then healing climate hikes through the Harz landscape are just the thing for you. In Altenau, you can hike on classified healing climate hiking trails along the trench system of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Upper Harz Water Management". You can strengthen your immune system and your stamina on these hikes. By breathing evenly as you move, the healing climate air flows through your entire body.

Beautiful hiking routes in the Oberharz for families with children

Hiking in the Harz Mountains is a wonderful and varied holiday experience for many families with children. Some hiking trails and guided tours are particularly suitable for children. They lead into the natural landscape of the Harz Mountains on easy routes and have surprises and puzzles in store. Here you can playfully discover nature and the secrets of the Harz Mountains with your children, come into contact with animals and learn a lot in the process.

Harzer Wandernadel - hiking fun in the Harz Mountains with ambition

Have you been bitten by the bug and want to earn the Harz hiking badges in bronze, silver or gold? You can obtain these with collected stamps at the Upper Harz tourist information centres.

How does it work? In your hiking pass you collect stamps at various stamping points in the Upper Harz. You should therefore aim for these stamping points on your hikes, as each stamp brings you a little closer to the winner's trophy, your Harz Hiking Needle. Eight stamps earn you a bronze hiking pin, 16 stamps earn you a silver pin and 24 stamps earn you a gold pin. From 50 stamps it becomes royal, then you can call yourself "Hiking Queen" or "Hiking King". But there is even more rank to be gained, click here for more information: Harzer Wandernadel.


By the way: The Harz Hiking Badge also quickly awakens the ambition of the little ones and you have already got your children enthusiastic about hiking through the Upper Harz. To ensure that the younger hiking enthusiasts also receive their own honours, there are special awards for children, the "Hiking Princess" and "Hiking Prince". Children up to the age of eleven can achieve these titles. To do so, they must collect a total of eleven stamps on their hikes in the Harz Mountains. In addition to a hiking pin, all princesses and princes naturally receive a certificate with their royal name.