Altenauer Weidefest

Every year in autumn, Altenau traditionally celebrates the Weidefest. This pays homage to the Harz mountain cattle. Look forward to an afternoon full of cattle and tradition.

It starts with a hearty brass band concert by the Janitscharen Kapelle. Afterwards, the herd marches from Kunstberg to Kleine-Oker-Park.

Yodelling, whip concert and cattle drive

There's a lot going on in the Kleine-Oker-Park on this day at the Weidefest in Altenau. Enjoy coffee and cake while fervent yodelling and whips are played. Be there when the new cowherd is appointed and watch as the herd is driven from Kleine-Oker-Park back to the Kunstberg!

© Corinna Schmottlach