Climbing rocks and white water course

Hardly any other region in Germany offers such a wealth of opportunities to practise unusual sports in a natural setting. The Harz Mountains, for example, offer a variety of climbing areas with exciting routes on various types of rock. Climb granite rocks, hornfels and pebble slate in the Oker valley.



But passionate water sports can also be practised here. The Oker meanders through the Oker valley as one of the most popular whitewater routes for canoeists. With an unrivalled length of two kilometres, it is considered the most challenging stretch in northern Germany. All year round, embark on a white water adventure in the river below the Oker dam.

Adventure Oberharz - where wild water kisses the mountains

Experienced climbers will find their challenge in the rocks of the Oker Valley, which are up to 50 metres high. Numerous climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty await you. White-water canoeists can really get going in the turbulent waters of the Oker. Due to the operation of the hydroelectric power station, the river becomes a rushing wild river with a difficulty level of III-IV. "Saure Helene", "Wilder Wilfried", "Elefantenfüße" or "Sandkasten" - whitewater canoeists can prove themselves here in particular.

Wilwasserstrecke Oberharz canoeists
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