Harz Gourmet Days

In addition to the impressive mountain scenery, you can enjoy the finest culinary delights in the Harz Mountains!

The Harz Mountains and its foothills offer a rich treasure trove for preparing delicious and healthy food. The mountain meadows in the Harz are famous for their variety of herbs and the monks of the monasteries in the Harz foreland already appreciated the ores of the mountains as much as the flavours of the table. More and more restaurateurs in the Harz, often in co-operation with local producers, are reflecting on the culinary qualities of their region.

The HARZER GOURMET-TAGE event series is entering its 12th round in 2024 and will once again bring the culinary diversity of the Harz Mountains to your table. The HARZER GOURMET-TAGE presents you with a Harz speciality at different times of the year. The participating establishments focus on seasonal and regional products, high quality and healthy food and drink.

Dates Harz Gourmet Days 2024:

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Host: Romantik Hotel Alte Münze


Address: Marktstr. 1, 38640 Goslar
Phone: 05321-22546
E-mail: restaurant@hotel-muenze.de
Website: www.hotel-muenze.de
Date/time of the event 08.03.2024 at 18:00 hrs
Contact person: Rosemarie Prien
Chef: Andy Rissenbeck


pp: 120,- € incl. drinks*

*Drinks included in the price: wine, water, espresso


Harz Gourmet Days 08.03.2024 Amuse Bouche *** " Langelsheim" Confit salmon trout / lentil foam / legume salad / Affila cress *** " Bockenem" Cappuccino from Weideglück chicken / rosemary bread *** "Goslar" Apple sorbet / sparkling wine *** "Seesen" Braised leg of beef potato souffle / garden peas / carrots / port wine jus *** "Harz" Tartlet of blueberry & mascarpone fruit caviar mascarpone fruit caviar / ice cream / quince liqueur

Supporting programme

Slow food cuisine in a historic setting

Consciously sustainable and regional enjoyment is offered. An organic farmer talks about species-appropriate husbandry and animal welfare. Wines are presented by a winemaker from the Boxheimerhof.

Host: BRAUakademie Zellerfeld

20.04.2024 & 17.08.2024

Address: Bornhardtstraße 11, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Phone: 05328-80221
E-Mail: info@brauakademie-zellerfeld.de
Website: brauakademie-zellerfeld.de
Date/time of the event 20.04.2024 +17.08.2024 at 14:00 h
Contact person: Marion Schmidt


pP: 45,- €


Harzer Gourmet-Tage 20.04.2024 & 17.08.2024 *** Verkostung verschiedener selbstgebrauter Biersorten


Harzer Tscherper (rustikale Brotmahlzeit mit verschiedenen Wurst- und Käsesorten) in der Brauereigaststätte Biermünze

Supporting programme

Zellerfeld beer diploma An entertaining crash course introduces the fine art of beer brewing at the BRAUakademie on the Kunsthandwerkerhof in Zellerfeld. With a guided tour and lots of information about the origins of the Clausthal-Zellerfeld breweries and all about beer, its raw materials and beer types. Tasting and subsequent Tscherper meal are included.

Host: Harz Urlaubs Alm


Address: Am Brink 11, 38678 Clausthal Zellerfeld
Phone: 05323 994910
E-Mail: info@harz-urlaubs-alm.d
Website: www.harz-urlaubs-alm.de
Date/time of the event 11.05.2024 from 17:30
Contact person: Ane Johnsen
Chef: Martin Lovas


pP: 36,50€ + 18,50€*

*Wine package to accompany the courses: 18,50€