Advice and info

around your Harz holiday

Do you need a direct contact person in one of the towns in the Oberharz? No problem - the staff at the Oberharz Tourist Information Centre are always on hand to help and advise you. You will also find all the brochures and flyers on the subject of "Holidays in the Oberharz", which you can conveniently order to your home or simply download here.

Of course, you can also find out everything you need to know about travel insurance, guest contributions and the Harz Card on these pages. And to get you in the right mood for your holiday in the Oberharz, we have put together the most beautiful webcams from the Harz. We look forward to your visit to the Oberharz!

Our sustainability mission statement

Our sustainability mission statement serves as a compass for us to promote responsible behaviour and make a positive contribution to the environment, communities and society. The Oberharz is rich in unique natural and cultural treasures. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism not only ensures long-term economic success, but also preserves the beauty and diversity of our destinations for future generations. Find out more about the principles we are committed to here.

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