Excursion to the Hexentanzplatz near Thale

Near Thale, 450 metres above sea level, you will reach one of the most legendary mountain plateaus in the eastern Harz: the Hexentanzplatz. According to the myth of this rocky cliff, the witches of the Harz have always gathered here on the last night of April - Walpurgis Night - to celebrate a spooky ritual. The witches gather here and then set off together to the Brocken, where they dance around the blazing witches' bonfire and ask for the devil's hand in marriage. From this mystical place in the immediate vicinity of Thale, you can enjoy the impressive view of the Bode Valley surrounded by rock faces, which is rightly nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of the Harz".

During a holiday in the Harz Mountains, you should definitely pay a visit to this viewpoint, as the 10 km long and up to 280 m deep rocky valley with its green thicket of trees and plants as well as its species-rich wildlife is one of the most impressive hiking areas in the Harz Mountains. You also have a good view of the Rosstrappe, an imposing granite rock 403 metres above sea level, which lies opposite the Hexentanzplatz.

On foot or by cable car to the summit

You can reach the Hexentanzplatz near Thale by car, bus or motorbike. You can park your vehicle in a large car park. Of course, you also have several options from Thale to climb the summit on hiking trails. If you have the necessary stamina and hiking experience, you can experience this unique atmosphere up close on an excursion and make the approximately sixty-minute ascent to the Hexentanzplatz in Thale on foot. A ride on the cable car, which runs daily from Thale along the steep cliffs to the summit, is also impressive. From the cable car cabin, you can look out over the mountain panorama and the nature reserve surrounded by rocks.

Once you arrive at the Hexentanzplatz, you have the opportunity to visit a number of sights. For example, Harz artist Jochen Müller has installed interesting metal sculptures and boulders on the Hexentanzplatz in memory of the traditional witchcraft ceremonies of old. Watch a metal witch, for example, as she creates a magical circle out of stones or look directly into the eyes of a cheeky devil figure enthroned on a huge round stone next to a demonic mythical creature.

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Other attractions on the Hexentanzplatz

The Walpurgis Hall is located not far from the sculpture group. A permanent exhibition of murals by the painter Hermann Hendrich is on display here. They show motifs from the play "Faust", for whose Walpurgis Night scenes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was inspired by a trip to the Harz Mountains. You will also find an ancient Germanic sacrificial stone covered with runes, which was probably used in early times during cult rites.

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It is also worth visiting the Harz Mountain Theatre, where festivals, concerts and open-air theatre performances take place from May to September. The theatre complex is modelled on an old amphitheatre and offers space for over a thousand spectators. The stage programme, which includes more than 150 events each year, is aimed at both children and adults. You can also visit the nearby "Hexentanzplatz" animal park in the middle of an old beech and oak forest. There you can observe shy and rare wild animals that roam the forests of the Harz. During a tour of the animal park, you will see bird houses with buzzards, pheasants, peregrine falcons and various species of owls. You will also come across capercaillies, lynx, red deer, raccoons and wild cats - the Harz's Big Five. Afterwards, you can whizz almost 1,000 metres down into the beautiful Steinbachtal valley on the Harzbob, one of the longest all-weather toboggan runs in Germany.

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