The Iberger Cave Experience Centre

Iberg stalactite cave

The famous Iberg stalactite cave is located in the Iberg near Bad Grund. It is many millions of years old and has been one of the most visited show caves and sights in the Harz Mountains since 1874.

Its rare history and its connection with historical mining make it unique in Europe. As the kingdom of the dwarf king Hübich, it also arouses the curiosity of every child.

The Iberg from below

Your journey into the underworld of the Iberg begins right on your 160 metre long path to the cave, which is also an underground exhibition about the famous mountain: you immerse yourself in an ancient coral reef from the South Seas and learn about the geological history, geology and mineralogy of the Iberg in a sensory way. It was continental movements that brought the former reef from the South Seas to the northern hemisphere. Using a timeline, you can trace the long journey of the Iberg and today's Harz.

Iberg stalactite cave Oberharz
©Höhlenerlebniszentrum Iberger Tropfsteinhöhle

Lichtenstein Cave and the oldest documented extended family in the world

In the "Museum am Berg" you can also marvel at finds and sensational research results from the Lichtenstein Cave. This cave near Osterode, about 15 kilometres away, was the burial place of a family clan almost 3000 years ago. It has been reconstructed in parts true to the original and now floats - accessible - under the museum ceiling. The exhibition gives you an impression of the life and death of the Bronze Age family clan and tells you about spectacular research into ancient DNA and probable descendants living today.

Iberg Cave Experience Centre Oberharz Museum
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