Dandelion Discovery Trail

The Dandelion Discovery Trail is not just for families to explore the Harz Mountains

Explore the beautiful nature of the Harz Mountains on the Dandelion Discovery Trail and learn all about the life of forest animals - fun for young and old! To mark the 25th anniversary of the ZDF television programme "Löwenzahn", the "Dandelion Discovery Trail" was created in the Harz National Park. It is a highlight for anyone who is curious and wants to explore the Harz region in a playful way.

The trail is located in the Harz National Park, near the Brocken railway station in Drei Annen Hohne. On the trail, everyone, regardless of age, can expect to have lots of fun in the great outdoors at the various interactive stations along the 1.2 kilometres. With or without kids - simply combine fun with exciting information.

What awaits you during the hike on the Dandelion Discovery Trail

You should plan around one to two hours for the Dandelion Discovery Trail. You can find your way along the trail by following the dandelion logo. You will walk past various exciting stations where there are small tasks and puzzles to solve. Here you can learn how to read animal tracks, which are not only found on the forest floor, but also on stones and trees. Or, for example, find out which animals need dead wood to live. In addition to lots of great information, the barefoot trail is a special kind of tactile experience. Feel nature up close with your bare feet, and you can hear and perhaps even recognise numerous sounds and animal voices through various listening funnels in the walk-in listening owl. Observe nature attentively along the entire hiking trail, perhaps you will manage to solve the tricky forest memory at the end. And if you're still in the mood for exercise after the discovery trail, why not race the forest animals?

Look forward to a fun-filled hike with entertaining and exciting nature exploration for the whole family. The Dandelion Discovery Trail is also particularly suitable for school classes and children's birthday parties.

Dandelion discovery trail Oberharz

Further information about the Dandelion Discovery Trail

  • Start and finish: Drei Annen Hohne
  • Duration: approx. 1 - 2 hours
  • Signposting: Dandelion logo
  • How to get there: by bus or train to the Drei Annen Hohne station
  • Suitable for: adults and children
  • Opening times: except in winter (approx. mid-November to Easter), the adventure trail is always open; closing times depend on snow and weather conditions
  • Download leaflet about the Dandelion Discovery Trail
  • Further information:+49 (0)39 43 - 55 020